Medical tourism

About the Polyclinic

Full name: Government owned autonomous health-care institution “SP no. 50 Moscow city Department of Health”

Abbreviated name: GAUZ “SP no. 50 DZM”

Legal and physical address: 19 Verkhnyaya Krasnoselskaya Street, Moskow 107140

Registration date: June 4th, 2002

Organization founder: Moscow city Department of Healthcare

Clinic mission

The mission of government owned autonomous health-care institution “SP no. 50 Moscow city Department of Health” is to provide medical services in the “Dentistry” profile as part of the territorial program of state guarantees of free medical care for citizens, providing affordable and high-quality medical care to the population. The strategic vision is to organize a system of preventive examinations and medical examination of the population as the basis for monitoring the state of public health, the prevalence of the most important risk factors and evaluating the effectiveness of preventive measures within the framework of primary health care. The principle of the GAUZ “SP no. 50 DZM” is to build and develop a system for the prevention of diseases and their consequences. A socially significant effect is manifested in the formation of a healthy lifestyle in the population.

Clinic History

The building of government owned autonomous health-care institution “SP no. 50 Moscow city Department of Health” was built in 1880, refitted in 1926 and is an architectural monument. The building was designed in the style of constructivism. The compositional axis of the building is an extensive central hall, illuminated by the windows of the second light. The hall is 9.5 meters high. The main facade is flanked by increasing the height of the wall by 1.5 meters for seven meters on each side. A three-meter wall passes into a stone rusticated fence with an entrance gate. On these sides, the composition of the facades is based on the interpretation of this wall as a podium for the entire building. For 2019, the building retained its original shape.

Chief physician

Gusev Andrei Borisovich has been the chief physician of government owned autonomous health-care institution “SP no. 50 Moscow city Department of Health” since 2018. GAUZ “SP no. 50 DZM” is a clinic serving the adult population, but since 2019 the clinic accepts children on a fee basis. Also, a new technology has appeared in the clinic: Digital Dentistry.


1.1В01.063.001Orthodontist examination, consultation (new patient)500
1.2В01.063.002Orthodontist examination, consultation (recall appointment)250
1.3В01.064.003Children's dentist examination, consultation (new patient)500
1.4В01.064.004Children's dentist examination, consultation (recall appointment)250
1.5В01.065.001Dentist examination, consultation (new patient)500
1.6В01.065.002Dentist examination, consultation (recall appointment)250
1.7В01.066.001Orthopedic dentist examination, consultation (new patient)500
1.8В01.066.002Orthopedic dentist examination, consultation  (recall appointment)250
1.9В01.067.001Sugreon examination/consultation (new patient)500
1.10В01.067.002Sugreon examination/consultation (recall appointment)250
1.11В04.063.001Orthodontist dispancery reception (examination, consultation)500
1.12В04.064.002Children's dentist preventive reception (examination, consultation)500
1.13В04.065.001Dentist dispancery reception (examination)500
1.14В04.065.002Dentist preventive reception (examination, consultation)500


2.1В01.003.004.002Conduction anesthesia350
2.2В01.003.004.004Application anesthesia200
2.3В01.003.004.005Infiltration anesthesia300


3.3А06.30.002X-ray image interpretation200


4.1А02.07.001Oral activity examination with additional tools (intraoral camera)500
4.2А02.07.003Periodontal pockets examination with a periodontal probe150
4.3А02.07.004Anthropometric studies800
4.4А02.07.005Thermal diagnosis of the tooth150
4.5А02.07.008Determining the degree of pathological tooth mobility150
4.7А.12.07.001Vital staining of hard tooth tissues100
4.8А.12.07.003Determination of oral hygiene indices300
4.9А.12.07.004Diagnosing of periodontal indices300
4.10А02.07.006Bite diagnosing (with wax patterns)1500
4.11А02.07.006.001Bite diagnosing (with silicone material)1000
4.12А02.07.006.002Constructive bite (modeling)2500
4.13А02.07.010Research on diagnostic models of jaws with diagnosing of central occlusion1000
4.14А02.07.010.001Research on diagnostic models of the jaws with the definition of central occlusion using an articulator and facial arch15000
4.15А02.07.010.002Impression from one jaw (alginate impression mass)500
4.16А02.07.010.003Impression with two-layer silicone material Silicone C from one jaw1000
4.17А02.07.010.004Impression with two-layer silicone material Silicone A from one jaw1500
4.18А02.07.010.005Imprinting functional silicone material from one jaw2000
4.19А02.07.010.006Single jaw impression from one jaw3000
4.20А02.07.010.007Implant impression using an open individual spoon from one jaw2500
4.21А02.07.010.008Engraving and marking models, designing complex orthodontic or orthopedic devices2500


5.1.1А16.07.020Supragingival and subgingival dental deposits removal (from one jaw)1800
5.1.2А22.07.002Ultrasonic removal of supragingival and subgingival dental deposits in the tooth area250
5.1.3А16.07.051Professional oral and dental hygiene5000
5.1.4А16.07.051.001Removal of plaque from one tooth with finely divided and non-abrasive sodium bicarbonate250
5.1.5А16.07.051.002Polishing one tooth with paste200
5.1.6А 11.07.012Tooth enamel deep fluoridation200
5.1.7А 11.07.022Application of the drug to the oral mucosa400
5.1.8А 11.07.023Silvering method application350
5.1.9А 11.07.024Topical application of remineralizing drugs in the tooth area300
5.1.10А16.07.057Sealing the tooth fissure800
5.1.11А13.30.007Oral hygiene training500
5.1.12А13.30.007.001Oral hygiene training for children500
5.1.13А 14.07.008Training in oral hygiene and teeth with an individual selection of means and items of oral hygiene800
5.1.14А25.07.002Prescription of diet food for diseases of the oral cavity and teeth300
5.2.1А16.07.050Professional teeth whitening25000
5.2.2А16.07.050.001Teeth whitening (home system)13000
5.2.3А16.07.050.002Internal (Endo-) bleaching (one procedure)2500
5.3.1А16.07.082Grinding hard tooth tissue450
5.3.2А16.07.025Selective grinding of hard tissues of teeth250
5.3.3А16.07.002.013Removing old fillings, crown trepanation300
5.3.4А16.07.002Tooth restoration with a filling (from a composite of light curing, continued treatment under the mandatory medical insurance program)2000
5.3.5А16.07.002.001Tooth restoration by filling I, II, III, V, VI class according to Black using dental cements800
5.3.6А16.07.002.002Tooth restoration by filling I, II, III, V, VI class according to Black using materials of chemical curing1000
5.3.7А16.07.002.003Tooth restoration by filling with violation of contact point II, III class according to Black using dental cements900
5.3.8А16.07.002.004Tooth restoration by filling with violation of contact point II, class III according to Black using materials of chemical curing1000
5.3.9А16.07.002.005Tooth restoration with a filling with violation of the contact point II, III class on Restoration of a tooth with a filling IV class according to Black using glass-based cement1500
5.3.10А16.07.002.006Black tooth restoration with Black Class fillings using materials of chemical curing2000
5.3.11А16.07.002.010Tooth restoration by filling I, V, VI class according to Black using materials from photopolymers2000
5.3.12А16.07.002.011Tooth restoration by filling with violation of contact point II, class III according to Black using materials from photopolymers2500
5.3.13А16.07.002.012Black tooth restoration with IV grade filling using materials from photopolymers3000
5.3.14А16.07.002.013Anterior tooth restoration group with the anatomical shape from composite light-cured material5000
5.3.15А16.07.002.014Restoration of premolars or molars with anatomical shape from composite light-cured material5500
5.3.16А16.07.002.015Missing tooth restoration with a light-cured material using reinforced fiberglass structures7000
5.3.17А16.07.031Tooth restoration with filling materials using anchor pins4000
5.3.18А16.07.031.001Tooth restoration with filling materials using fiberglass pins5000
5.4.1А16.07.002.016Disclosure of a tooth cavity with drug treatment400
5.4.2А16.07.009Pulpotomy (amputation of coronal pulp)200
5.4.3А.16.07.010Pulp extirpation300
5.4.4А 11.07.027Devitalizing paste overlay150
5.4.5А16.07.030Instrumental and drug treatment of the root canal300
5.4.6А16.07.030.001Instrumental and drug treatment of a well-traversed root canal300
5.4.7А16.07.030.002Instrumental and drug treatment of a poorly passable root canal500
5.4.8А16.07.030.003The use of nickel-titanium rotating machine tools in the root canals900
5.4.9А16.07.030.004The use of an ultrasonic tip with nozzles for processing the root canal of the tooth400
5.4.10А16.07.030.005Extraction of a foreign body from the root canal of a tooth500
5.4.11А16.07.008.003Closing the perforation of the wall of the root canal of the tooth800
5.4.12А16.07.030.003Temporary root canal filling500
5.4.13А16.07.082.001Root canal previously treated with paste unfilling900
5.4.14А16.07.082.002Root canal previously treated with phosphate cement / resorcinol-formaldehyde method unfilling900
5.4.15А16.07.082.003Root canal previously treated with vertical condensation using a heated gutta-percha system unfilling500
5.4.16А16.07.008Filling the root canal of the tooth (biological method)800
5.4.17А16.07.008.001Root canal filling with paste500
5.4.18А16.07.008.002Filling the root canal with gutta-pegs1000
5.4.19А16.07.002.009Temporary filling200
5.4.20А16.07.091Temporary tooth filling removing400


6.0.1А16.07.001Tooth extraction2000
6.0.2А16.07.001.001Temporary tooth extraction1000
6.0.3А16.07.001.002Permanent tooth extraction simple (with mobility I-III degree)1500
6.0.4А16.07.001.003Permanent tooth extraction surgical with root separation2500
6.0.5А16.07.001.004Tooth fraction extraction1200
6.0.6А16.07.001.005Tooth root amputation1500
6.0.7А16.07.007Root apex resection3000
6.0.8А16.07.011Submucosal or subperiosteal site of inflammation autopsy2000
6.0.9А16.07.013Extracted tooth socket delayed curettage1200
6.0.10А16.07.016Cystotomy or cystectomy5000
6.0.11А16.07.024Extraction of a retined, distoped or supernumerary tooth (1st category of complexity)4000
6.0.12А16.07.024.001Extraction of a retined, distoped or supernumerary tooth (2nd category of complexity)8000
6.0.13А16.07.026Gingivectomy (hypertrophied gums excision in the area of ​​one tooth)2000
6.0.14А16.07.026.001Gum recession with a coronal displaced flap plastic surgery (1 tooth)5000
6.0.15А16.07.026.002Gum recession plastic surgery with a laterally displaced flap (1 tooth)6000
6.0.16А16.07.026.003Gum recession with a free connective tissue graft from the sky and other donor areas of the oral cavity plastic surgery18000
6.0.17А16.07.027.003Gingivo-osteoplasty of the retained tooth according to orthodontic indications5000
6.0.18А16.07.038Open curettage for periodontal disease5000
6.0.19А16.07.039Closed curettage for periodontal disease1000
6.0.20А16.07.039.001Reimplantitis Treatment5000
6.0.21А16.07.040Oral Patchwork operation7500
6.0.22А16.07.042Upper lip frenum plastic5000
6.0.23А16.07.043Lower lip frenum plastic surgery5000
6.0.24А16.07.044Tongue frenum plastic5000
6.0.26А16.07.058Pericoronitis treatment  (lavage, dissection, and / or excision of the hood)1500
6.0.27А16.07.059Tooth Hemisection2000
6.0.28А16.07.060Coronary Radicular Separation5000
6.0.29А16.07.063Alveolar process of the upper jaw plastic2000
6.0.32А16.07.090.001Excision of a soft tissue neoplasm up to one centimeter2500
6.0.33А16.07.090.002Excision of a soft tissue neoplasm of more than one centimeter4000
6.0.34А16.07.095Stop bleeding from a tooth socket without suturing500
6.0.35А16.07.095.001Stop bleeding from a tooth socket without suturing by tamponade800
6.0.36А16.07.095.002Stop bleeding from a tooth socket without suturing using hemostatic materials1000
6.0.37А16.07.096Maxillary sinus perforation7000
6.0.38А16.07.097Putting suture materials on the oral mucosa500
6.0.39А24.01.003Applying ice pack200
6.1.1А16.07.020.001Manual removal of supragingival and subgingival dental deposits in the tooth area300
6.1.2А22.07.001Ultrasonic treatment of periodontal pocket in the tooth area350
6.1.3А 11.07.010Injecting of drugs into the periodontal pocket250
6.1.4А16.07.019Temporary splinting for periodontal diseases (reinforcing tape of of ​​4-6 teeth)4000
6.2.   IMPLANTOLOGY (surgical section)
6.2.1А16.07.054Intraosseous dental implantation ("Osstem")25000
6.2.2А16.07.054Intraosseous dental implantation ("Straumann")40000
6.2.3А16.07.054Intraosseous dental implantation ("Dentium")33000
6.2.4А16.07.054.001Intraosseous temporary dental implantation ("Osstem")10000
6.2.5А16.07.054.002One orthodontic implant installation5000
6.2.6А16.07.054.003Gingiva shaper installation ("Osstem")3200
6.2.7А16.07.054.003Gingiva shaper Installation ("Straumann")3500
6.2.8А16.07.054.003Gingiva shaper Installation ("Dentium")3200
6.2.9А16.07.054.004An implant removal simple3500
6.2.10А16.07.054.005An implant removal difficult6000
6.2.11А16.07.054.006Removal of a temporary implant3000
6.2.12А16.07.054.007Orthodontic implant removal1500
6.2.13А16.07.017Alveolar bone grafting4000
6.2.14А16.07.017.001Correction of the volume and shape of the alveolar bone using contraction-distraction apparatus4000
6.2.15А16.07.017.002Correction of the volume and shape of the alveolar bone4000
6.2.16А16.07.017.004Autogenous bone block elevation from the lower jaw branch, chin and other donor areas of the oral cavity10000
6.2.17А16.07.017.006Preservation of the extracted tooth socket for further implant placement10000
6.2.18А16.07.041Osteoplasty of the maxillofacial area (using a titanium mesh)60000
6.2.19А16.07.041.001Osteoplasty of the maxillofacial area using biodegradable materials50000
6.2.20А16.07.055Sinus lifting (bone grafting, osteoplasty) open in the area of ​​one implant or missing tooth50000
6.2.21А16.07.055.001Sinus lifting (bone grafting, osteoplasty) closed in the area of ​​one implant or missing tooth20000
6.2.22А16.07.006.014Colorless plastic surgical template5000


7.1А16.07.004Tooth restoration with a crown (cast from chromocobalt alloy)3600
7.2А16.07.004.001Tooth restoration with a cast crown made of chromocobalt alloy coated with retentive plasma spraying and coated with plastic5000
7.3А16.07.004.002Tooth restoration with a stamped steel restoration crown2500
7.4А16.07.004.003Tooth restoration with a stamped crown covered with retentive plasma spraying and lined plastic3500
7.5А16.07.004.004Tooth restoration with a ceramic-metal crown based on alloys of base metals7000
7.6А16.07.004.005Tooth restoration with a ceramic-metal crown based on alloys of base metals with the shoulder mass10000
7.7А16.07.004.006Artificial ceramic gum, age spots on a ceramic crown, neck of a periodontic tooth, imitation of tooth abrasion (for 1 ceramic unit)3000
7.8А16.07.004.007Extruded ceramic crown15000
7.9А16.07.004.008Ceramic zirconia based crown without ceramic coating18000
7.10А16.07.004.009Ceramic zirconia crown with ceramic coating20000
7.11А16.07.004.010Temporary crown made of quick-hardening plastic made by the direct method (kappa)1300
7.12А16.07.004.011The crown temporary, plastic, made by an indirect method (kappa)1500
7.13А16.07.004.012Wax modeling of teeth (1 unit)500
7.14А16.07.005Manufacturing a tooth from zirconia dioxide for restoring the integrity of the dentition with fixed bridges20000
7.15А16.07.005.001Manufacturing a tooth from a chromocobalt alloy for restoring the integrity of the dentition with fixed bridges3600
7.16А16.07.005.002Manufacturing a tooth made of chromocobalt alloy  coated with retention plasma spraying and lined with plastic for restoring the integrity of the dentition with fixed bridges5000
7.17А16.07.005.003Ceramic-metal tooth making for restoring the integrity of the dentition with fixed bridges7000
7.18А16.07.005.004Manufacturing a tooth from pressed ceramics for restoring the integrity of the dentition with fixed bridges15000
7.19А16.07.003Tooth restoration with tabs, veneer, half-crown (inlay, overlay, onlay)15000
7.20А16.07.003.001Tooth restoration with zirconia dioxide tab10000
7.21А16.07.033Restoration of the crown part of the tooth using a single-root whole-cast stump insert (from a chromocobalt alloy modeled by the direct method)3500
7.22А16.07.033.001Restoration of the crown part of the tooth using a single-root whole-cast stump tab (from a chromocobalt alloy made by a laboratory method)4000
7.23А16.07.033.002Restoration of the crown part of the tooth using a multi-root whole-cast stump insert (from a chromocobalt alloy made by a laboratory method)5000
7.24А16.07.023Dental prosthetics with a full removable laminar prosthesis "Acrylic"25000
7.25А16.07.023Dental prosthetics with a full removable laminar prosthesis "AcryFree"16000
7.26А16.07.023.001Immediate denture (temporary) in the absence of teeth6000
7.27А16.07.023.002Elastic base lining5000
7.28А16.07.023.003Removable prosthesis in the complete absence of teeth made of thermoplastic material30000
7.29А16.07.023.004Relocation of a complete denture3000
7.30А16.07.023.005Reinforced mesh installation in a removable prosthesis5000
7.31А16.07.036.014Reinforcing prosthesis (cast)8000
7.32А16.07.035Prosthetics with partial removable plate prostheses6000
7.33А16.07.035.001Amount of teeth in a partial removal denture - 1 tooth8000
7.34А16.07.035.002Amount of teeth in a partial removal denture - 2 teeth8500
7.35А16.07.035.003Amount of teeth in a partial removal denture - 3 teeth9000
7.36А16.07.035.004Amount of teeth in a partial removal denture - 4 teeth9500
7.37А16.07.035.005Amount of teeth in a partial removal denture - 5 teeth10000
7.38А16.07.035.006Amount of teeth in a partial removal denture - 6 teeth10500
7.39А16.07.035.007Amount of teeth in a partial removal denture - 7 teeth11000
7.40А16.07.035.008Amount of teeth in a partial removal denture - 8 teeth11500
7.41А16.07.035.009Amount of teeth in a partial removal denture - 9 teeth11800
7.42А16.07.035.010Amount of teeth in a partial removal denture - 10 teeth12200
7.43А16.07.035.011Amount of teeth in a partial removal denture - 11 teeth12500
7.44А16.07.035.012Amount of teeth in a partial removal denture - 12 teeth12800
7.45А16.07.035.013Amount of teeth in a partial removal denture - 13 teeth13000
7.46А16.07.035.027Removable denture with partial absence of teeth made of thermoplastic material25000
7.47А16.07.035.015Replacement, installation in the prosthesis of 1 additional tooth made of plastic1500
7.48А16.07.035.016Replacement, installation of 2 additional plastic teeth in the prosthesis1700
7.49А16.07.035.017Replacement, installation of 3 additional plastic teeth in the prosthesis1900
7.50А16.07.035.018Replacement, installation of 4 additional plastic teeth in the prosthesis2100
7.51А16.07.035.019Correction of a prosthesis made in another healthcare facility or after the warranty period1000
7.52А16.07.035.020Base welding in removable prosthesis (repair)2500
7.53А16.07.035.021Installation or change of one clasp (repair)2000
7.54А16.07.035.022Elimination of one fracture of the base in the prosthesis (repair)1500
7.55А16.07.035.023Partial removable denture (cosmetic plate) for up to 3 teeth8500
7.56А16.07.035.024Microprosthesis from thermoplastic material up to 3 teeth13500
7.57А16.07.035.025Immediate prosthesis (temporary) with partial absence of teeth6000
7.58А16.07.035.029Relocation of a partial denture4000
7.59А16.07.035.030Multifunctional kappa (1 jaw)4500
7.60А16.07.035.031Kappa protective sports (on 1 jaw)5000
7.61А16.07.036Prosthetics with removable clasp prostheses30000
7.62А16.07.036.001Upper arc (frame) made of chromocobalt alloy12000
7.63А16.07.036.002Lower arc (frame) made of chromocobalt alloy12000
7.64А16.07.036.003Clammer cast single-arm1000
7.65А16.07.036.004Clasp double1500
7.66А16.07.036.005Load crusher branches800
7.67А16.07.036.006Gingival and periodontal clammer (Kemeni)1500
7.68А16.07.036.007Ball Attachment7000
7.69А16.07.036.008Attachment beam7000
7.70А16.07.036.009Trim (foot in clasp)700
7.71А16.07.036.010Relocation of saddle clasp prosthesis2000
7.72А16.07.036.011Clasp support holding double two-arm with overlays1300
7.73А16.07.036.012Chromed cobalt alloy clasp prosthesis frame with lock fixation (single-sided)30000
7.74А16.07.036.013Chromed cobalt alloy clasp prosthesis frame with locking fixation (double-sided)38000
7.75А16.07.036.014Milling of the 1st crown with the formation of interlock3000
7.76А16.07.036.015Cast tooth in arch prosthesis3600
7.77А16.07.036.016Clasp made of monomerless injection molded plastic, nylon3500
7.78А16.07.036.017Clasp prosthesis frame combined of metal and clasps and/or nylon base30000
7.79А16.07.036.018Clasp prosthesis with fastening on telescopic crowns (up to 4 crowns)60000
7.80А16.07.037Permanent splinting with cast-in removable constructions for periodontal diseases (complex clasp prosthesis)50000
7.81А23.07.002.047Production of one link of multi-link clasp1000
7.82А16.07.037.002Claw-shaped process on refractory models (splinting foot)1000
7.83А16.07.037.003Clasp continuous with hooks in splinting clasp prosthesis (for 1 tooth)1500
7.84А16.07.049Fixing to permanent cement of fixed orthopedic constructions (to glass-cement cement) 1 unit1000
7.85А16.07.049.002Temporary fixation of fixed orthopedic constructions - on temporary cement (1 unit)500
7.86А16.07.049.003Permanent cement fixation of double curing of fixed orthopedic structures (1 unit)3500
7.87А16.07.049.004Permanent cement fixation of fixed orthopedic structures - phosphate cement (1 unit)500
7.88А16.07.053Removal of a fixed orthopedic design500
7.89А16.07.053.001Removal a fixed orthopedic design - stamped crown (for 1 crown)500
7.90А16.07.053.002Removal a fixed orthopedic design - one-piece crown (for 1 crown)1000
7.91А16.07.053.003The separation of the bridge in the area of ​​one tooth (for one segment)1500
7.92А16.07.053.004Removal a fixed orthopedic design - zirconia dioxide crown1500
7.93А16.07.053.005Removal a fixed orthopedic structure from an implant2000
7.94А16.07.053.006Removal a fixed orthopedic structure with temporary fixation1000
7.95А16.07.092Tooth, artificial crown trepanation1000
7.96А16.07.092.001Three-piece artificial crown trepanation1000
7.97А16.07.092.002Artificial ceramic-metal crown trepanation1500
7.98А16.07.092.003Artificial zirconia dioxide trepanation1500
7.99А16.07.093Fixing the intra-channel pin/tab1000
7.100А16.07.094Removal the intra-channel pin/tab2500
7.101А23.07.002Manufacturing an orthopedic dental construction
7.102А23.07.002.003Control, refractory model manufacturing1500
7.103А23.07.002.002Bridge foot construction350
7.104А23.07.002.005Bridge splicing500
7.105А16.07.035.028Pelota manufacturing1500
7.106А23.07.002.010Manufacturing bent steel clasps1000
7.107А23.07.002.018Manufacturing Roach clasp1500
7.108А23.07.002.019Manufacturing cast support-retaining clasp1500
7.109А23.07.002.021Denture base limiter of clasp prothesis manufacturing500
7.110А23.07.002.022Saddle clasp prosthesis manufacture500
7.111А23.07.002.023Manufacturing a branch in the clasp (compiler)500
7.112А23.07.002.024Manufacturing a facet in a clasp prosthesis2500
7.113А23.07.002.026Manufacturing a splinting foot in a clasp prosthesis600
7.114А23.07.002.041Manufacturing a telescopic crown6000
7.115А23.30.003Prosthetics allowance500
7.116А23.30.050.001Correction of removable orthopedic structure500


8.1А16.07.006Dental prosthetics using an implant (cermet crown on a titanium abutment "Osstem")25000,00
8.2А16.07.006Dental prosthetics using an implant (cermet crown on a titanium abutment "Straumann")30000,00
8.3А16.07.006Dental prosthetics using an implant (cermet crown on a titanium abutment "Dentium")27000,00
8.3.1А16.07.006.005Ceramic-metal crown on an individual abutment made of titanium ("Osstem")30000,00
8.3.2А16.07.006.005Ceramic-metal crown on an individual abutment made of titanium ("Straumann")35000,00
8.3.3А16.07.006.005Ceramic-metal crown on individual titanium abutment ("Dentium")32000,00
8.4А16.07.006.005Ceramic-metal crown on an individual abutment made of titanium ("Osstem")30000,00
8.5А16.07.006.005Ceramic-metal crown on individual titanium abutment ("Straumann")37000,00
8.6А16.07.006.005Ceramic-metal crown on individual titanium abutment ("Dentium")32000,00
8.7А16.07.006.008One-piece crown molded on the dental implant screw fixing10000,00
8.8А16.07.006.009One-piece denture in bridge on implants20000,00
8.9А16.07.006.010Metalless crown (zirconium dioxide) on the implant ("Osstem")25000,00
8.10А16.07.006.011Metalless crown (zirconia dioxide) on the implant ("Straumann")5000,00
8.11А16.07.006.012Metalless crown (zirconia dioxide) on the implant screw fixation ("Osstem")40000,00
8.12А16.07.006.012Metalless crown (zirconia dioxide) on the implant screw fixation ("Straumann")50000,00
8.13А16.07.006.012Metalless crown (zirconia dioxide) on the implant screw fixation ("Dentium")42000,00
8.14А16.07.006.013Metalless crown (zirconia dioxide) on the implant screw fixation ("Osstem")45000,00
8.15А16.07.006.013Metalless crown (zirconia dioxide) on the implant screw fixation ("Straumann")60000,00
8.16А16.07.006.013Metalless crown (zirconia dioxide) on the implant screw fixation ("Dentium")20000,00
8.17А16.07.006.014Removable prosthesis for girder construction with lock on 3 implants20000,00
8.18А16.07.006.021Removable prosthesis for girder construction with lock on 4 implants100000,00
8.19А16.07.006.022Removable prosthesis for girder construction with lock on 5 implants120000,00
8.20А16.07.006.023Removable prosthesis for girder construction with lock on 6 implants150000,00
8.21А16.07.006.002Temporary plastic crown (tooth) on the implant8000,00
8.22А16.07.006.002Temporary removable prothesis with fixation on 2 implants35000,00
8.23А16.07.006.019CHEK Abutment (key) for 1 implant (transfer key)2000,00
8.24А16.07.006.003Replacing the matrix in the beam structure3000,00


9. 1А02.07.010.008Calculation and analysis of teleroentgenography3000
9. 2А16.07.047Orthodontic correction with a removable orthodontic device (palatal expander of various modifications)22500
9. 3А16.07.047.001Splint therapy30000
9. 4А16.07.047.002Manufacturing of a complex double-jaw apparatus, regulators, bionators and various modifications20000
9. 5А16.07.047.003Twin block production25000
9. 6А16.07.047.004Manufacturing a 3-section extension device with a 3-dimensional Burtoni screw19000
9. 7А16.07.047.005Manufacturing the Andresen-Goypl apparatus with an expansion screw21000
9. 8А16.07.047.006Manufacturing mouth guards with 1-2 teeth7500
9. 9А16.07.047.007Production of a 2-section plate apparatus17000
9. 10А16.07.047.008Trainer fitting (treatment on the device)1500
9. 11А16.07.047.009Vestibular plate fitting (treatment on the device)10000
9. 12А16.07.047.010Manufacturing an orthodontic plate with 2 clasps (without additional elements)16000
9. 13А16.07.047.011Manufacturing and fitting retention mouthguards6000
9. 14А16.07.047.011Manufacturing a plastic overlay for overbite1000
9. 15А16.07.047.012Nitinol spring installation900
9. 16А16.07.048Orthodontic correction using ligatureless metal braces within the same dentition35000
9. 17А16.07.048.001Orthodontic correction using ligatureless ceramic braces within the same dentition50000
9. 18А16.07.048.002Indirect brace system fixation within one dentition8000
9. 19А16.07.048.003Orthodontic correction using braces using lingual technique within the same dentition12000
9. 20А16.07.048.004Fit and arc overlay1300
9. 21А16.07.048.005Steel arc activation700
9. 22А16.07.048.006Replacing of a ligature200
9. 23А16.07.048.007Bending a loop on an arc1200
9. 24А16.07.048.008Maxillary traction700
9. 25А16.07.048.009Separation of approximate surfaces (1 unit)600
9. 26А16.07.048.010Replacing the orthodontic arc2200
9. 27А16.07.048.011Arc removal1300
9. 28А23.07.002.051An orthodontic ring manufacturing2000
9. 29А16.07.053.001Removing, staging crowns, orthodontic rings1500
9. 30А16. an orthodontic button1500
9. 31А16. bracket fixation1200
9. 32А16. one opening spring in the area of ​​two teeth1000
9. 33А16. one closing spring1000
9. 34А16. retainer lock6000
9. 35А16. of one minimold2000
9. 36А16. bracket removal600
9. 37А16.07.018Metal wire orthodontic fastening3000
9. 38А16.07.028Orthodontic correction (activation)600
9. 39А16.07.028.001Monitoring the progress of treatment (one visit)500
9. 40А16.07.046Orthodontic correction with a fixed orthodontic device (fixation of the buccal tube)1500
9. 41А16.07.046.001Manufacturing a device with tongue protection and a soldered clasp on the retaining rings17000
9. 42А16.07.046.002Manufacturing Nans apparatus with retaining rings and cheek tubes25000
9. 43А16.07.046.003Manufacturing a non-removable device for expanding the lower dentition of FNTA for the treatment of a distal bite25000
9. 44А16.07.046.004Manufacturing a fixed Derichsweiler apparatus for opening a palatine suture with retaining rings28000
9. 45А16.07.046.005Manufacturing the apparatus in the form of a fixed palatal clasp with retaining rings, cheek tubes and lingual locks23000
9. 46А16.07.047.013Massage and myofunctional gymnastics session with teaching children and parents550
9. 47А23.07.001Orthodontic appliance services600
9. 48А23.07.001.001Correction of removable orthodontic apparatus500
9. 49А23.07.001.002Repair of the orthodontic apparatus3500
9. 50А23.07.002.065Aligner manufacturing (for aligning teeth)210000
9. 51А23. manufacturing (for bruxism, to reduce the tone of the masticatory muscles)9000
9. 52А23.07.003Orthodontic appliance fiiting and placement1500

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